LUXE is a professional enterprise engaged in the international production of fittings and hoses, providing high quality products, and competitive price. Our advantage is long-lasting fittings and hoses that is consistent with the standards. The complete production process, more than 100000 pieces of inventory, superior customer service center and professional technical team, are the guarantee of quick delivery.

Our products apply in: TBM, transportation, petrochemical, construction, health, food, pharmacy, industrial cleaning, marine terminals, fire fitting and so on.

We can provide soft connection solution of fluid medium transmission.

Why you have to choose LUXE?

1.Strict IATF16949 quality management system

2.NAHAD  member,CE&PED certification

3.Large stock of standard products

4.Competitive price

5.Global logistics management system

6.Complete six production processes

7.Provide professional solutions

8.Provide complete product performance test report

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                    盾构/TBM                                            运输Transport                      石油化工/Petrochemical industry       建筑/Building and construction

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          卫生食品/Food industry                    工业清洗/Industrial cleaning              船舶/码头Marine & Offshore                      消防/Fire brigade