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Syntex PU

Syntex PU

Syntex PU

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inside and outside Polyurethane



• inside: very smooth for minimum friction loss

• jacket of 100 % high tenacity synthetic polyester yarn,

circular woven in special construction for maximum tensile

• completely embedded in high-quality thermoplastic

polyurethane (TPU),

is forced through the jacket in the extrusion process

(standard colour: black; others on request),

provides optimum protection of the jacket

• outside: smooth, excellent abrasion resistance


• excellent abrasion resistance and durability

  suitable for extreme conditions

• resistant against slurry and many other chemicals

• excellent tensile strength

• minimum maintenance

• extremely resistant to aging and ozone and UV

• Cold-resistant up to – 40 ° C

• Heat-resistant up to + 100 ° C

• minimum friction loss because of very smooth inner lining

• minimum elongation