CEO's message

Xiaobin Lu, CEO ​




深化与现有主要客户的合作关系, 开拓与全球各行业主导客户的合作机会。

Our Goal is to be a reference and a model within the global industry. We aim for a worldwide growth by attracting international experts and making strategic acquisitions. We continue to invest towards R&D , manufacturing and international storage…always with the aim of being able to remain competitive.

A constantly evolving production technology, a wide range of products and providing unique solutions , are key points of our development.

We work to deepen the collaboration with our customers and to explore cooperation opportunities with leading customers in various industries worldwide.

Products & Applications

Our products provide safe connections for the transport of all liquid media including dangerous and precious fluids.

Couplings & Accessories

The House of Couplings & Accessories

Industrial Hoses

Flexibility and Performance

Auto Parts

Custom Design

Process / Production

One-stop shop ! At Luxe we take pride in being able to manage every single step of the full development process.
From R&D, mould design, prototype development, certification and testing to batch manufacturing.

Investment casting
Die Casting
Gravity Casting
CNC - Precision Machining
Surface Treatment
Gasket & Rubber parts
Metal Power Sintering
PTFE & PFA Coated

Added Value Services

Research & Development

Innovate, Create, Improve ... Our entire R&D team can support you for your product development projects.

Luxe Training Academy

Learn, Understand, Transmit ... knowledge helps to solidify the present and build the future.

Assembly Workskop

Adapt, react, assemble ... We have the ability to offer you tailor-made.

Supply Chain

Optimize, store, accelerate ... From manufacturing to delivery we have solutions to offer you.