About us

The Luxecasting Group was founded in 2001 in the beautiful coastal province Fujian, China and started with the production of tankwagen (TW) couplings and DIN2817 safety clamps. 

Luxecasting Group

To underpin the emphasis on quality management, an ISO 9001 certificate was obtained in 2005. During the following years the Luxecasting Group expanded rapidly until a move to a new and larger site was necessary , so in 2007 we moved to Gao’an in Jiangxi province. This is still its current location an offer excellent resources in terms of materials, logistics and labour.

The total surface of the company is over 99000 m2 of which 76000m2 is built. A total investment of 90 million Chinese yuan. The airport can be reached within one hour by car and highways to the port are nearby.

From Shanghai Hongqiao highspeed train station = 5h00 + 10 mn by car
From Shanghai Hongqiao or Pudong Airport = 1h40 + 1h00 by car

Luxe maintains close connections with nearby universities such as the Wuhan Science and Technology University to support young talented individuals. The expansion and development did not abate.

Today we can very proudly say that we have factories, warehouses, branches and representation in Europe’s most important markets. Our portfolio of certificates includes ISO9001, IATF16949 and PED. Our broad portfolio of products are used in many industries such as the oil & gas, pharmaceutical, chemical, food industry and we are the market leader in firefighting hose assemblies and fittings. A special line of our business also supplies the automotive industry with components direct to the production line.

In the Luxecasting Group we are passionate about our products, heritage, and expertise. We look forward to doing business with you.



Our quality management system defines high quality standards to be met by us and our suppliers. These standards have been certified in accordance with ISO 9001-2015 and we are audited regularly. 

We can guarantee quality standards consistently meeting the requirements of the automotive industry. 

We have an internal continuous  improvement program in place to ensure that yesterday’s mistakes are no longer tomorrow’s  


The centre of the Luxecasting International Group supply chain is located in China, Asia-Pacific where there are production, warehouses and R&D. This location is the source of our products and from this point we serve our customer base which is spread over the globe. 

Fast delivery across the European continent from the production base to the European storage centre in Germany to the delivery to end users, we can deliver a flexible and complete service to meet your material requirements planning. 

Asia-Pacific logistics storage centre In a globalised world, efficient logistics is key to the on-time fulfilment of customer needs. 
Our Asia-Pacific production and logistics base are equipped with high-tech systems to manage and optimise logistics to make sure shipments can leave on time. 

Global logistics 
We continually evaluate the efficiency and speed of our logistics network.  We aim to set up distribution centres on key locations to provide the most flexible solutions to our customers.

Environmental sustainability

Luxecasting International is a responsible group ,with the ISO 14001:2015 certification.

Sustainability, social responsibility and low carbon emissions show our principles of operation. We do our best to minimize the negative impact on the environment at every step of the manufacturing process and constantly improve our environmental management performance. According to the strict standards of local and national regulators, our company has passed the cleaner production audit. 

Our environmental programme includes:  

  • Classification of all production waste. Hazardous waste is collected and  disposed of by third party contractors. 
  • The plant is equipped with a cutting fluid recovery system to minimize waste emissions.
    Wastewater is classified and disposed of at different stages of the manufacturing process. Our first-class wastewater disposing, and recovery system and gas emission facilities have been highly appraised by the local government. Packaging management program, with the goal to replace plastic by finding alternatives.
  • The factory is audited annually by the local authority. We conduct regular internal inspections to ensure that all systems operate properly and that waste emissions meet our internal, national, and local standards. 
  • Emergency teams organize regular exercises to ensure preparedness in case of accidents.